Bormla front coverBormla: A Struggling Community is a landmark, mixed methods study in which JosAnn Cutajar presents the current situation of the people of this impoverished, historical, European city in the Maltese Islands. Measures that can be taken by the community, the nation and politicians are also presented, to heal the social ills of this city. Research study after research study has shown that communities living in places stigmatized by policy makers, the media and the general population, develop coping skills to acquire alternative resources for their social well-being. In Maltese society, resources are often deployed by policy and decision makers who remain not cognizant of the differential needs of communities living in different places. Policies which look neutral on paper are anything but neutral when applied. In this study, Cutajar gives voice to the unheard people of Bormla, brings their needs to the forefront and provides effective resources for change. Bormla: A Struggling Community is available in hardback, paperback and ebook editions from all major booksellers and our eStore.

Freya Cover GOOD USE THISKnown to Social Services by senior child protection social worker Freya Barrington is #1 Bestseller at Amazon UK for social work books (Feb/Mar 2015). Written from life experience and ringing with authenticity, Known to Social Services follows Diane Foster, a dedicated social worker, into the grim, grey world of the Deacon Hill estate in Millbrook and the tormented lives of its inhabitants. Domestic violence, child abuse, serial paedophiles and ex-convicts proliferate in the daily lives of most of the children, but Diane enters deeply into this world of misery to help the victims and keep together the fragile structure of society. Hampered by an administration inhabited by paper-shuffling and uninvolved, uncaring bureaucrats, Diane fights unremittingly to protect the children of Deacon Hill from rape, horror, random violence, female genital mutilation and murder, within the context of a horrifying barrenness and desolate existential reality. Known to Social Services is available in paperback and ebook editions from all major booksellers including Amazon and directly from our eStore.

Battle roar cover GOOD

The Battle Roar of Silence: Foucault and the Carceral System by Meinrad Calleja explores the philosophical rationales sustaining morality, law, punishment and the carceral system as part of the discourse of globalisation. This text attempts to desacralize the foundations of this globalisation discourse by drawing upon Foucault’s ‘archaeological’ and ‘genealogical’ study of institutions, knowledge, discourse and power. This is an interdisciplinary study fusing aspects of sociology and psychoanalysis within a philosophical framework to tender a politically-charged critique of the contemporary modes of domination and power.

Pseudo-scientific pathologies born from carceral discourses are disseminated and reproduced as an integral feature of the contemporary political culture and its dominant ideology. The proliferation of these pathologies often serves as a reference point against which various categories, identities and values are registered, classified and rendered plausible. In The Battle Roar of Silence, Meinrad Calleja attempts to deconstruct the very plausibility structures that sustain these ideological constructs. The text correlates the carceral system discourse to political, social, and economic antagonisms that have eroded human rights, democracy and freedom. Consumers of discourse repress the negative features of this despotic order and suffer in silence. This text articulates the battle roar of silence. The Battle Roar of Silence is available in both paperback and ebook editions.

philosophy Calleja bookThe Philosophy of Desert Metaphors in Ibrahim al-Koni: The Bleeding of the Stone by Meinrad Calleja. A Tuareg by birth, Ibrahim al-Koni is no longer considered to be simply an emerging author. His works have now earned him international repute and prestigious academic recognition. Themed primarily around a desert context, his novels have been categorized as post-modern, polyphonic, magical or socialist realism, and Sufi fabula. In The Philosophy of Desert Metaphors in Ibrahim al-Koni, Calleja takes a close look at one of al-Koni’s works – The bleeding of the stone – and attempts to prise out philosophical reflections concealed in the text. In it the desert provides a landscape rich in allusions while metaphors allow readers to engage in creative interpretation. The Philosophy of Desert Metaphors is available in paperback and ebook editions.

Ballun Pingut Front CoverBallun Pingut 2 by Keith Attard. This second edition of Ballun Pingut comprises 1400 terms and expressions in the Maltese language, all linked to the world of soccer. The author explains the terms and gives them in alphabetical order. The book can interest different audiences such as those who love the Maltese language and those who form part of the soccer world. Ballun Pingut 2 can be used as an aid for commentators, journalists, writers and those who write their opinions on soccer, to have a strong guide for their work and so that the language used can be of the highest quality. In this newly revised and enlarged edition, the author provides more than 570 new terms and expressions associated with the world of soccer. Ballun Pingut 2 is available in paperback edition from all major booksellers including Amazon and directly from our eStore. The book is also available in ebook edition.

Glossarju CoverGlossarju: Germaniz-Malti / Malti-Germaniz [Glossary: German-Maltese / Maltese-German] by R. Stanyer, A. Aquilina, D. es L. (ed.) and A. Scalpello. This Glossary is another indispensable tool for teachers, student-teachers, students of the German language and parents who would like to follow their children’s progress and/or visit a German-speaking country. It is the first of its kind in the history of the teaching of German in Malta and is aimed specifically for the needs of the Maltese public, with each entry exploited to the full through its use in a complete sentence, rather than limited to its equivalent in the target language.

This approach is meant to solve individual problems of expression while respecting both Maltese and German cultural contexts. The book is user friendly for translating from German into Maltese and vice-versa with two appendices, one with a localized key for the pronunciation of German sounds vis-à-vis the letters of the alphabet and another with cardinal and ordinal numbers in both languages presented in parallel. The Glossarju: Germaniz-Malti/Malti-Germaniz is also precise and scientifically compiled. Glossarju is available in paperback edition directly from our eStore and in ebook edition.